Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moroni's Teachings--JSH 1: 54

"Accordingly, as I had been commanded, I went at the end of each year, and at each time I found the same messenger there, and received instruction and intelligence from him at each of our interviews, respecting what the Lord was going to do, and how and in what manner his kingdom was to be conducted in the last days." (JS-H 1: 54)

Although Moroni related all things relative to the establishment of the church in that generation, Joseph understood none of them, as the apostles of old had understood nothing Jesus had said of his own death and resurrection. Experience unlocks doctrine: through the remainder of his life, Joseph's trials unlocked Moroni's teachings piece by piece, and so it was that the Restoration unfolded.

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  1. Kira wants to teach tonight's Family Home Evening lesson from the scriptures. She searched through the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price (not reading or understanding a word) for a great scripture. She settled on teaching about Joseph Smith. Then, James led her to Moroni's visit. Last night, as we reviewed her lesson, she remembered some fine details: Joseph was in bed, he wanted to choose the right, Moroni appeared in light. Could she, at five years old, understand and teach how important it is that Joseph spent his whole life unfolding the mysteries of the lessons learned those late nights?



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