Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mormon Lit Recommendations

Just completed a marathon Twitter thread listing ten Mormon Lit reading recommendations. This list is neither ranked nor comprehensive: just ten books I like that I wanted to share.

As those who know me are well aware, I feel strongly that Mormons deserve to have literature that draws on the images of our own culture as much as any other group. At the same time, I'm a total perfectionist in my own work and have abnormally high aesthetic standards, so I'm not willing to celebrate books just for engaging with Mormonism. For me, a book has got to be a good experience while reading and serve some valuable purpose when I reflect back on it before I'm willing to make a recommendation.

You can go to Twitter for the thoughts on what I liked about each of these, but here are the books:

Third Wheel by Melissa Leilani Larson

Bound on Earth by Angela Hallstrom

Folk of the Fringe by Orson Scott Card

The Garden of Enid by Scott Hales

Wandering Realities by Steven Peck

Estampas del Libro de Mormón by Gabriel González Núñez

My Loving Vigil Keeping by Carla Kelly

Messages on the Water by Merrijane Rice

My Parents Married on a Dare by Carlfred Broderick

Slumming by Kristen D. Randle

I hope that somewhere in that list there's a title you haven't read and end up liking.


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