Monday, May 13, 2013

Orem Library Reading

This Wednesday at 7 pm, Steven Peck and I will be reading at the Orem Public Library.

Peck will be reading from The Scholar of Moab, which won the 2011 Association for Mormon Letters Novel Award (and possibly from A Short Stay in Hell, if we ask him nicely).

 I will be reading from The Five Books of Jesus, which won the 2012 Association for Mormon Letters Novel Award.
They even made a nifty poster for us, including a picture of me which they found online. In that picture, I am twenty-two years old and wearing my cousin's glasses. It's a good look, although I must say I've gotten significantly better looking in the meantime, thanks to eight additional years of practice looking at myself in the mirror.

Hope to see some of you, dear readers, there.

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