Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Germination" Discussion

Day 3 is Sarah Dunster's poem "Germination."

On our podcast discussion of the Lit Blitz yesterday, Nicole and I talked about how we define the "Mormon" in Mormon Lit Blitz. While many pieces have Mormon characters or imagery, like the first two days of this year's Lit Blitz have, we actually think of the "Mormon" label for our contest as defining audience: we want pieces that speak to us in some way as Mormons, that are richer in the reading with a Mormon context.

"Germination" is an example of a finalist without overt Mormon characters or imagery.

Does it speak to us as Mormons in some unique, richer way? Or is it just a great poem that would mean as much to anybody?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Sonata in Three Movements" Discussion

Day 2 of this year's Mormon Lit Blitz is Jeanine Bee's "Sonata in Three Movements."

It's a cool study in form and content: a piece about music where the language has a musical feel.

What do you think of it in general?

What do you think of it as Mormon Lit?

Monday, May 29, 2017

"Celestial Accounting" Discussion

Katherine Cowley's "Celestial Accounting" is up on the Mormon Lit Blitz site. Take a look!

Then come back here if you'd like to discuss the piece.

A few questions:

-What is the value of statistical data on earth? In heaven?

-What do you make of the depiction of angels with email accounts?

-How many sacrifices do you think are made in your ward? Does a per capita average 1.7 major, 15.5 mid-level, and 200 minor sacrifices sound about right to you?

Look forward to your thoughts on the piece and/or any of the above questions.


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