Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quote about abuse

I just finished reading Slumming by Kristen D. Randle--it's a really great novel. At some point, I will try to explain in detail what I like so much about it and why it gives me so much hope for Mormon writers. 

For now, though, I just want to share a quote which comes as a character is trying to come to grips with something terrible which is happening to someone else: 
I am not asking myself why God lets there things happen. I think I understand the answer to that. The way I see it, God puts us here so we can make our own choices. He can't keep things like this from happening unless he takes the right to choose away.
No, the question in my mind right now is how does God, who loves us, watch all of these terrible things and not die? Not just die of sorrow?
I believe we have parents in heaven. I believe they love us. And I believe that when they say we need a broken heart and a contrite spirit, they know what they're asking for. They know.


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