Friday, June 27, 2014

"Living Scriptures" Discussion

The Mormon Lit Blitz reaches its penultimate peril...

Today's Piece: "Living Scriptures" by Scott Hales

The Three Nephites don't get a whole lot of attention in scripture. Just a handful of verses, really, in two different places. And yet they've made their way into Mormon memory and folklore in a different way than any other story. The Three Nephites keep us wondering what sort of world we really live in, what presences might be hidden just beyond our reach.

We had three or four submissions for this year's Lit Blitz alone involving the Three Nephites. And somehow, this story moved us most of all.

What is it about the Three Nephites that keeps us coming back to them?

What works about the way this story uses the genre?

Are you concerned about the violence on television today?


  1. I think we come back to the Three Nephites, because something is just a story, no matter how inspirational it is, until it can suddenly affect our lives. Plus, there's the cool factor that we might meet someone who's lived for thousands of years. So many answers we could get from them. Like what did self-respecting Nephites actually wear? :)

  2. I've often wondered what life will be like when we are mostly righteous, more righteous than right now anyway. This story satisfies some of that curiosity. Passion, curiosity, a sense of fun . . . and compassion even for people who may not seem to deserve it. (I might be just a little sorry for shutting the door in that LS salesman a couple of weeks ago . . .)

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  4. Despite my best efforts, I find myself liking this guy.

    I really wonder how your personality would evolve if you lived that long and weren't fully integrated into society.

  5. Anyone else wondering what's going to happen to Jesus in the pageant? I'm betting it has something to do with one of those disgruntled sign-toting protesters.

  6. I always enjoy Scott's forays into the strange districts of Mormonism. Curelom Man is still my favorite super hero. I'm glad to see that this Nephite would take pity on the poor missionary/salesman. I just pity the poor family that comes along next. ;)



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