Monday, June 23, 2014

"And Through the Woods" Discussion

Starting off at a hard run in the second week of the 2014 Mormon Lit Blitz... 

I would ordinarily call a piece like this post-apocalyptic fiction, though in Mormon Lit we probably need another term for social crashes that don't involve the Second Coming. 

What do you think of the main character? 

What are your thoughts on the setting? 

What other stories do you know that involve a post-civilization-collapse attempt to build Zion? Which would you recommend to someone who liked this story? 

If civilization is we know it collapsed tomorrow, what would you do? 

What do you see as the most likely causes of the next collapse of civilization as we know it? How might Mormons respond? 


  1. Merrijane says:

    "Discussed with my husband and he felt this story was very similar in feel to a lot of zombie apocalypse stuff he watches. But we both thought an economic collapse would be most likely. If it involves a lot of violence, I would probably be the first to die. I panic waaaay too easily. Jason will attest to that."

  2. Sheila says:

    "I'd say the collapse of civilization will be due to human stupidity, but it's hard to predict precisely what sort."

    1. Dave replies that, "If human stupidity was capable of destroying civilization there would never have been civilization. Mormons will have linger longers and offer survivors jello and funeral potatoes."

  3. I like the "it's never too late" motif. "His [her] hand is outstretched still."

  4. It's my theory that being a Mormon would be the best survival tactic in a societal collapse. We already have a social system in place, and we'd tend to take care of each other rather than go "every man for himself." It would be like a big ward campout. ;)

    I like the rapid-fire pacing of the story; how short the paragraphs are; the way zero time is wasted getting from point to point. I really liked the detail of the bodies hung up by gardening hose.



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