Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled midrash...

...for this very interesting link. These bloggers report on a visit by LDS missionaries and I think it's a great window into what missionaries look like to many people. Having served a mission myself, it's kind of fun to step out of what was my frame of reference at the time and think about how many of the people I interacted with may have seen me.

Among the most positive things: the missionaries prayed for the blog of those whom they visited. Let's help answer the missionaries' prayer by visiting. (Probably should leave the follow up to the missionaries, though. These people don't need every Mormon on the internet asking what they thought about their reading.)

1 comment:

  1. Extraordinary, James! I am amazed by the comments people left on that single post. I would bet the individuals managing that blog had no idea that so many people, especially LDS people, would be so interested in how missionaries are perceived by others. I hope their blog thrives. Nice addition to your blog. Thanks.



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