Thursday, June 1, 2017

"Pride" Discussion

Today's Lit Blitz story is Hillary Stirling's "Pride."

There's a lot going on in the piece. We've got an emotional see-saw between two sisters who know how to hurt each other. There's the use of sexting as a plot point, which fits into a tradition of fiction explicitly wrestling with current issues. And there's an ongoing moral/spiritual dialogue between the protagonist and God.

What for you, is the piece most about? And how do the different elements work together to serve a whole?


  1. So much here. We've heard a lot about "whataboutism" nowadays and I think this story deals with similar themes--the natural tendency to deflect attention from our own failings by attacking others. Lenora wrestles inwardly about whether to do what she feels justified in doing or to do what is right. It's been said that pride is the deadliest of sins because it is the one thing most likely to prevent us from repenting and changing for the better. But I think the end of the story brings in something else--pride is also the one thing most likely to prevent us from helping others change for the better. We can only control our own actions, but we can influence those around us ... if we can be humble. Pride doesn't change anyone.

  2. Oh, the sheer difficulty of admitting your faults and being humble! That scene where she softens enough to go ask forgiveness but then it backfires is so sad. I wonder what would have happened if her sister wasn't sneaking out at the time. Could they have repaired the relationship? Would it have changed anything else?

    This sort of thing makes me wish I were better at admitting I was wrong. I really hate admitting I don't know something or did something I shouldn't have, and I struggle to be teachable and apologize. But I love seeing the ending of this story, which is really just a beginning, where they both soften and I think are headed in a better direction. Humility is such a greater power than pride.



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