Friday, March 8, 2013

Some Numbered Proverbs

Talks today often include numbered lists, but their organization is primarily logical. I enjoy the numbered lists in the Book of Proverbs because their organization is primarily poetic.

So recently, I tried writing some numbered proverbs of my own. 

Five things are heavy to be borne:
the expectations of a friend in need
the body of a sleeping child 
the shame of freshly shattered pride
the mass of possessions that gather in a house
and the burden placed on a bishop's heart

Four things are difficult to change:
the assumptions of a people
a reputation built up over time
a thoughtlessly-formed habit 
and an offended person's mind

Three things calm a woman who grinds teeth when she sleeps: 
an old debt finally settled
a child who takes a righteous spouse
and a silent answer to a cried-out prayer


  1. Beautiful and thought-provoking.
    And also apt to get Dorothy Parker rambling on in my head:

    Four be the things I am better without:
    Love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt...

    Which is not such a bad thing, either.

  2. Splendid! I like poetry and this is touching my heart.

  3. Thanks! I appreciate this...



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