Saturday, March 3, 2012

Patterns and Presence --D&C 115:14

"But let a house be built unto my name according to the pattern which I will show unto them." (D&C 115:14)

My wife and I have a picture of the temple already in our apartment. It's a line drawing of the Salt Lake Temple by Doug Corbett, and I like it. It's simple, but it reminds us that the temple should be a pattern (in some sense) for our home, for our lives.

I've seen other great temple art in people's homes. I love the photos of the Salt Lake Temple from above in the fog. Love ward pictures of the primary in front of the Columbus, Ohio Temple. Love the paintings from amateur artists that go on display in their relatives' homes.

I think my favorite temple artwork so far, though, might be a recent piece by Nick Stephens. As I write this post, I'm finding it difficult to explain why this piece moves me so much. Maybe it's this: other artwork reminds me of the temple, but this piece reminds me of where the temple fits into the universe.

I love the way it invokes temple history by making Solomon's temple the shadow or reflection of its latter-day counterpart. I love the way the circle of the baptismal font draws you in (it's the gate, right?) and then how the light lines of the temple blueprint draw you up toward the symbol of a sun that radiates over moon and stars.

Looking at this piece, it's easier to remember that the temple cuts through time. That the temple is an anchor between heaven and earth. That the House of the Lord is not just a place, it's a whole different kind of space, a taste of eternity.


  1. Wow that's gorgeous. The symbolism is so fitting. I think I may need to ask for a print for my next birthday.

    1. Did you also see his piece "The Garden Gate"? I may have to fake an extra birthday this year...

  2. It's interesting to note how symbols and symbology work in our lives. Every time we think we know something, we see a symbol of it, and suddenly new meanings unfold, like a flower blossoming. As much as I love pictures of temples from the outside, I appreciate this piece of art, and of course, the symbols within the temples themselves.

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